Arcane Legends bring a collectibles element to the game in the form of Pets

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Arcane Legends bring a collectibles element to the game in the form of Pets

Arcane Legends is the newest addition to Spacetime Studios' Legends franchise. This Action-RPG sports a fast-paced and tactical combat system with co-op and PvP functionality and a funny, clever storyline.  Like Pocket Legends, Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles, and Dark Legends before it, Arcane Legends is a cross-platform mobile MMO available for iOS, Android, and Chrome.

Arcane Legends still has plenty of room to grow, however. More character classes would be nice, and the gameworld is a little on the small side in comparison with rival offerings. These are areas where we would expect Spacetime Studios to expand in the future - this is, after all, still a young release. Working in a genre where it's so difficult to get things right, Spacetime Studios has a fantastic track record. Arcane Legends continues that proud tradition, and while it's not quite as robust or content-rich as its established competitors, it's off to a wonderfully assured start.

The energy system was a mistake, and is nowhere to be seen in this game. The social game timers and missions weren’t as captivating as they could or should have been, and it all made it very difficult to find other players. Thankfully, the core of the game was the same, so a lot of good elements remained. Arcane Legends keeps this core, ditches much of what Dark Legends did wrong, and adds pets that can help out in battle and be leveled up to be even better. I have a turtle named Guapo. By the way, you can buy cheap Arcane Legends Platinum from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “5MMO”.

In-app purchases are employed through the premium platinum currency. There are a couple of items Arcane Legends push that use it, but the big ones are elixirs. They provide short-term boosts to a variety of stats, though there's also exclusive equipment to be acquired and a handful of pets locked to platinum purchases. You can also buy chests which have rare loot in them, though they're scattered throughout regular gameplay. Arcane Legends also tempts players to keep coming back with daily rewards, which increase in value depending on how many consecutive days you check in. My only real worry on this front is that in player versus player, IAPs could lead to a pay-to-win scenario.

For all you collectors out there, Arcane Legends also bring a collectibles element to the game in the form of Pets. These battle ready companion will follow you around like a trusty companion, valiantly putting themselves in the line of fire to battle at your side. A nice addition to the game, although they play more of a combat role than the Torchlight vendor helper variety of pet.

When starting for the first time, the player is given choices on how they want to proceed with their character. Starting with your class, you select between a warrior, a rogue or a sorcerer, each with their own pros and cons. After making some minor aesthetic choices on how your avatar appears, you then get to pick a companion, who aids you by attacking enemies, picking up gold and offering various bonuses. After these choices, you will begin your adventure.