Far Cry New Dawn Does Not Have New Game Plus

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Far Cry New Dawn Does Not Have New Game Plus

In a nutshell, Far Cry New Dawn is like that unnecessary sequel or spin-off you were initially excited about, but quickly realized that maybe the original material was good enough without any addendum. It's like you know how it was really exciting when we learned there was gonna be a Fantastic Beasts movie that would give us an opportunity to revisit the Harry Potter world, but then it fell completely flat when you actually watched it? Playing Far Cry New Dawn feels like that. To business, first. New Dawn takes place many years after the ending events of Far Cry 5, when a nuke randomly dropped on the whole world and destroyed everything, and only Joseph Seed and the Deputy were left alive.

The sale includes most of Ubisoft's catalogue, even the recently released Far Cry New Dawn, which launched less than a month ago. Far Cry New Dawn is itself 50% off, bringing its price down to a very modest $20. Trials Rising is another surprising addition, getting a 20% discount to bring the price down to $20. These prices are only valid on the digital PC versions of these games. The Ubisoft Store does sell boxed copies of games on PS4, and Xbox One, though those are not as heavily discount. Buy Far Cry New Dawn Credits from Mmocs.com with the cheapest price and fast delivery.

Playing Far Cry: New Dawn is like driving your old car after it just got a fresh coat of paint. It looks different from the outside. But it feels the same after you start driving it for a couple of miles. That isn't necessarily good or bad. It just depends on how much you enjoy driving that same vehicle. In my case, I admittedly feel a bit conflicted. See, I quite like the Far Cry games, including the gameplay style and aesthetic that Ubisoft has carefully crafted for the series over the years. This includes Far Cry 5, which I rated positively in my review last year despite a controversial ending that made some players feel like all their efforts were all for naught. Whether you liked that ending or not, you have to admit that it was quite unexpected and made for some interesting discussions.

Gone are the days where you would drive down the main road, and be met with beautiful sounds of a cult choir on the radio. In its stead, Far Cry New Dawn has a much more modern take on its soundtrack, along with punk and hip hop tracks. While I thoroughly enjoyed this, I have to admit that I missed the Far Cry 5 soundtrack dearly. A feeling that became all too present during my Far Cry New Dawn hands-on session.

Far Cry New Dawn sees players returning once more to Hope County, Montana, albeit 17 years after we were last there. The nuclear bombs that dropped at the end of Far Cry 5 have transformed the world and brought a vibrant post-apocalyptic world to explore. Some players may be wondering if there's new game plus in Far Cry New Dawn.